Richmond Reiki - specialising in helping people recover from exhaustion.

Dear All, Richmond Reiki is taking a break for a few months after 5 years of continuous service. Richmond Reiki will be closed from 16th October 2017 and I will review the situation in February 2018. I highly recommend Johanna  Harkaniemi in my absence. 

Wishing everyone safe and well while I take a much needed break. 

Warmest wishes, Ellie

Richmond Reiki Offers treatmentsReiki Level I, II, III and Master courses and  refresher workshops based in Richmond Upon Thames, close to Richmond Train/Tube/Underground. Reiki sessions, lasting approximately one hour, are £55. 

I'm Ellie and I am Richmond Reiki's Therapist.  I am an experienced Therapist and Master (Instructor)  in Reiki and have been running Richmond Reiki for 5 years,  holding the highest level of membership with in the UK Reiki Federation as a   'Master Teacher' member.   

I have a warm, gentle, and pragmatic way of doing things, and because of my own experiences in dealing with chronic exhaustion, I specialise in helping people back to better health when they are feeling  exhausted and burnt out. So, whether you find yourself exhausted because of work pressures, family pressures, stress or illness, Richmond Reiki has  pragmatic,  no nonsense support for people who are burnt out and want to feel 'human' again.

I  chose to specialize in treating people who are exhausted because during my career in the Armed Forces  I observed that when one person is affected by exhaustion, it also effects those around them.  I found that people with exhaustion make less informed decisions, have less mental capacity, are often short tempered and do not have sufficient energy to do anything but fire fight the way through their day.  This in turn effects families, work colleagues and social lives, and can leave the individual feeling frustrated and isolated. So, in assisting one person out of the misery of exhaustion, there is a  positive ripple effect which reach those around them. 

When I'm not treating clients I can be found kayaking on the river,  or doing voluntary work for an emergency/disaster  response team as a first aid instructor and battlefield medic. 

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese complimentary therapy, which is deeply relaxing and revitalising.  If you are completely well Reiki acts as a treat, creating a satisfying sense of well being and vitality.  If you are unwell, stressed or exhausted, Reiki will help to rebalance and re-energise both body and mind.

It can be used in conjunction with medication and is immensely supportive to those undergoing intensive conventional medical treatments.  Entirely non-invasive, clients remain fully clothed as the Therapist gently lays hands on the body's energy centres, stimulating sluggishness and calming over-activity.


"I was initially sceptical about Reiki but my first session with Ellie was life changing! It felt like a 'volume' switch was being turned up on my energy levels. I have struggled with M.E. for over 10 years but felt an immediate diminishing of my symptoms and felt able to tackle things that were previously overwhelming. Colours and senses were much brighter after my treatment and I felt so much clearer rather than full of 'brainfog'. I have since found it easier to manage my pain and daily energy with less 'burn out' and more awareness of what rest I need to take and what my body needs.

The experience, professionalism and huge amount of skill in both western medicine from her No-Nonsense Military approach and the healing sensitivity that Ellie combines, makes for a very reassuring and skilled practitioner. I would recommend Richmond Reiki to anyone thinking of trying alternative medicine for the first time! 

After my first session I felt that the support, knowledge and grounded approach that Ellie uses were so in line with my own aspirations as a practitioner that I then went on to complete Reiki One with her and am so glad I did. It was one of the most powerful (and yet hard to express!), profound experiences of my life. I am so grateful for the work Ellie does, and the expert, individualized teaching she has provided me with. Ellie adapts her teaching to the specific needs and builds on the experience of each pupil to ensure that they learn in the way and speed that is most appropriate for them. If you're in any doubt- just give it a go! I cant wait to try Reiki 2!"          Elizabeth H (details held to protect client's medical status)

Richmond Reiki is a two minute walk from Richmond Train/Underground/Overground Station and 100m from Old Deer Car Park .  



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