Richmond Reiki - specialising in helping people recover from exhaustion.


Reiki is a Japanese complimentary therapy, which is deeply relaxing and revitalising.  If you are completely well Reiki acts as a treat, creating a satisfying sense of well being and vitality.  If you are unwell, stressed or exhausted, Reiki will help to rebalance and re-energise both body and mind.

It can be used in conjunction with medication and is immensely supportive to those undergoing intensive conventional medical treatments.  Entirely non-invasive, clients remain fully clothed as the Therapist gently lays hands on the body's energy centres, stimulating sluggishness and calming over-activity.

Questions to help find the right practitioner for you:

  • Have they been attuned/initiated in person by their Reiki teacher? 
  • Was their Reiki teacher attuned/initiated in person?
  • Do they have a Reiki certificate or a letter from their Reiki teacher confirming their level of Reiki training, or have they trained in accordance with National Occupational Standards?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have a lineage that connects them directly back to the founder, Mikao Usui?
  • Are they aware of the national occupational standards for Reiki? Is the treatment room clean and quiet and conducive to relaxation?
  • Do they belong to a professional association and follow the codes of conduct for that association?
  • Do you feel comfortable in their presence?
  • Are they warm and empathetic?
  • Have they explained what to expect and the fee structure?

Ellie Chester is a Reiki Master and Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation, is fully insured and complies with all of the categories above. 


Ellie is a qualified combat 'team' medic and First Aid Instructor as well as a Reiki Master, and has trained in a number of natural healing modalities.

Having served for over a decade in the Armed Forces, Ellie began her training in Reiki when she realised she was experiencing the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for a second time after an emergency operation.  Having suffered from CFS for several years in her early 20's she was aware that western medicine had little to offer and turned to Reiki for support, after a chance encounter with a friend.

Having become clear of the symptoms of CFS in a record 4 months, she also found Reiki immensely beneficial for her friends and went on to train as a professional Practitioner with Diana Benjamin of Simply Healing and under Di's guidance went on to become a Master.

Ellie now has a successful Practice in Richmond, giving treatments and passing on Reiki's methods and abilities in the form of Courses which she teaches on one to one basis

Passionate about Reiki, she applied for voluntary self-regulation and joined the UK Reiki Federation, which among other good works, set standards and establishes best practise in Reiki.  She was very pleased to have been to have been accepted at the highest level within the organisation where she is now a 'Master Teacher Member'.

It is often said that we don't choose Reiki,  Reiki chooses us" Unknown


During a Reiki Session, the client will be asked to lay on a therapy couch and given a blanket for comfort.   
The therapist will then gently place their hands on or near the body, allowing the energy to flow. The therapist will not attempt to diagnose, but simply ensure the energy is allowed to flow where it is required by the body. 

Filtered water will be readily available and client's are encouraged to be well hydrated.
Treatments are given fully clothed, and it is beneficial to wear loose comfortable clothing. 
Gentle music will be played, but should you wish to have your own music played,  feel free to bring a CD. 
Some people experience a mild tingling, or warmth radiating as the Reiki flows, and most often clients quickly melt into a deeply relaxing and restorative state. 

An hour of Reiki is like coming round from a good nights sleep - Ellie