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There are many different ways to learn Reiki, but the most important part of any course or workshop is the attunement in which the Master hands on the ability to use Reiki to the Student.  

With years of experience as an instructor, Ellie has devised a syllabus at each level which allows the student to gain the very most from the learning experience.  

Ellie chooses to teach Reiki I, II and III/Master courses on a one-to-one basis (or on request in small groups)  in order to ensure her students are able to learn at a pace which suits them, and have all of their questions answered. 

Whilst the aim of the attunements is to pass on the use of Reiki from Master to student, the attunements are in themselves very healing, and by teaching one to one, the student is able to get the very most from the experience. This also means there are no long waits for courses, which can be arranged at the student?s convenience, from Thursday to Sunday. Each course has been devised in such a way that it can be split into half day chunks.  All courses are taught from a comfortable, well equipped treatment room, close to Richmond Train/Tube/Overground Station.

Reiki Session  - lasting approximately one hour.  Available Thursday, Friday, Sunday, day time and evening appointments. 

Cost £55

Reiki Level I

1 day course, with manual, certificate and one-to-one teaching. Everything you need to practice Reiki on yourself, friends and family.  

Cost £300

Reiki Level II Course

1 day course, one to one tuition, with manual, certificate and one-to-one teaching.  This is the Therapist/Practitioner level for Reiki, giving the qualifications required to  practice as a therapist/practitioner and teaches the use of the symbols which allow practitioners to call on different aspects of energy during treatments, and also teaches the use of Distance Reiki. The symbols have many applications including cleaning the energy in a room, giving Reiki to a situation and cleaning crystals. Students often experience a significant uplift in the strength of the Reiki they are able to channel with each level of attunement they receive.   

 Cost £325

Reiki Level III Course

 0.5 day course. This course offers another string to the bow of a Reiki Practitioner  and is particularly aimed at those who would like the uplift in strength that comes with a further Reiki attunement , but are not yet ready to  - or do not wish to - become full Masters.  Students are attuned to the use of the Master Symbol for use within treatments only. 

Cost £200

Reiki Master Course

1 day course.  This course offers all of the knowledge required for a Level II Reiki Practitioner to go on to attune people to Reiki themselves. This course includes a Master level attunement and introduction to the Master symbol. Also included are copies of all of Richmond Reiki's Level I and II and Master level manuals in order to help new Masters get started as well as information on how to teach Reiki methods and how to carry out attunements at all levels.  

Ellie encourages people to only take the Master level if they feel a strong desire to go on to attune people themselves. For those who wish to learn the Master symbol for use in treatments and receive the a further attunement, but do not want to teach, the Reiki Level III course is more suitable.  

Prospective students are required to have evidence of Reiki Level I and II qualifications and to meet with Ellie to check compatibility between the teacher and the student. 

Cost £350

Reiki Refresher Workshops

 0.5 day refresher workshops are regularly held for people who have achieved Level I, II or Master and wish to refresh their skills.  Please note these workshops are aimed at methods and uses of Reiki and building Practitioner's confidence in there skills, and do not contain attunements. 

 Costs £150.

Alternative Health Business Set Up  Workshop 

1 day course. For those who do not already have a background in setting up and running a holistic therapy business, this is a very practical course aimed at preparing new or prospective Practitioner's (Level II) or other holistic therapy practitioners to set up a business. This course is not about focusing on Reiki, but about the practical matters of how to set up for business. It covers advertising, booking, invoicing, keeping records, issuing certificates, professional insurance,  basic book keeping, setting up a website, setting up a room for treatments, clients records, client communications and managing client expectations. This course is highly recommended for any kind of alternative therapist/practitioner setting up a new business. 

Cost £300  - for up to 3 people

 Please use the Contact Ellie pages to request further details or book a course or workshop.


"Thank you so much for teaching me Reiki Level II, I had the most wonderful experience and haven't felt the use of Reiki as strongly before. I could not have asked for a better course, you teach it so well and I felt so comfortable and at ease throughout the whole day.

 I left with the confidence that I can do a full Reiki session on a client, which is amazing as it usually takes me practice to get that sort of confidence.

You are a natural teacher and your teaching is to the highest of standards and I would recommend you to anyone.

 I feel lifted and lighter and will never stop using Reiki now as it is a wonderful healing modality and one I want to share with others. I'm so happy and pleased I did this course with you.

Thank you so much for sharing it with me!" Sofia