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Reiki Level I Course

There are many ways to teach traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, but the with years of experience in instructing Ellie prefers to teach on a one to one basis, ensuring the student gets the very most out of their studies and are given every assistance in gaining a good solid foundation knowledge, finding that her students benefit immensely from having undivided attention, allowing learning to progress at the students own pace, and to have all their questions immediately. 

 The Reiki attunements are themselves and immensely healing process for the individual, and by teaching one to one, individuals can get the very most out of this.  

The Reiki Level I course takes a full day - this can be taken in two half day chucks if that is more viable, during which we will cover all of the four energy attunements required at Reiki Level I, all of the basic hand positions; essentially everything needed to use Reiki I on friends an family and includes a reference manual.

Some Masters split the Level I attunements into 4 sections and carry them out separately, to avoid long queues, but true to her linage, Ellie carries the attunements out together, ensuring that the whole process of opening the students energy, through to sealing the students energy is carried out in the same session, which she feels contributes to the good success of her students.

Those who are studying or developing intuition often find the energy attunements bring a 'step up' in the strength in their senses  -however this is a bi-product and no knowledge or interest in such matters is necessary. 

 Reiki Level I Course Syllabus

Level I will enable you to offer healing to friends, family and most importantly,  yourself.


What Is Reiki ?

What Are The Benefits Of Reiki ?

Introduction to Reiki I

The Origins Of Reiki.

The Five Principles.

The Chakra System.


Healing Others.

Morales and ethics and responsibilities of Healing.


Practise session.


Certificate and manual.

Ongoing support via email.

Reiki is a wonderfully gentle healing ability and can be used on literally anything, from calming an over wrought tummy, to supporting the healing process for someone with a serious illness.  More and more Reiki is used on NHS cancer wards to support people who are undergoing invasive and incredibly draining treatments such as chemotherapy. Reiki is also very useful in the rest of life, plants flourish with Reiki, Reiki-ing food makes it more flavoursome and many say more nutritious.  It helps greatly to stem blood flow in cases such as bloody noses, alleviates bruising, calms 'interview' nerves, and can help us to find patience when we are running low. Many people report that Reiki greatly assists with pain management fro ongoing injuries and illnesses.  Most people experience a sense of calmness and well being.  Truly its applications are endless. 

At Reiki Level II situations can be Reiki'd as well as past and future and distance healing and the Reiki symbols are attuned and learnt to be able call on different aspects of universal energies, and brings a further step up in the strength and power of Reiki. 

Reiki only ever works for the highest and best good - it does not require diagnosis or understanding of a person's illness or emotional struggles.  The universal energy will simply flow from the hands of one who has been attuned, to the parts of the client that need it most.  It is never wrong - as long as permission has been given from the individual.  

As one becomes more experienced in delivering Reiki it is often found that the practitioner will instinctively know where to place their hands to best effect, but at Level I there is a guidance system of set positions that ensure all of the bodies major functioning areas are covered.

Ellie has used Reiki everyday since her very first attunement several years ago, and it has assisted her to make a full and swift recovery from Chronic Fatigue syndrome, experienced after an emergency operation.

Truly it is a wonderful and unlimited gift, but it is a gift for anyone and does not require any special skills or knowledge - Reiki always works and everyone can do it. Ellie teaches in a very practical, pragmatic manner and has a background as a combat medic and instructor.  

She also offers free ongoing support after the course as well as a manual, to help you as you further develop and support you in using Reiki far and wide.